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 SU2 DLC released

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SU2 DLC released Empty
PostSubject: SU2 DLC released   SU2 DLC released Icon_minitimeTue 5 Jul 2011 - 0:17

hi...not sure if you partake in other sims...but I just saw this video at thought it would be worth posting, if you like historic racing...

the 911 RSR is a scream....although the game does have a slight arcade feel to pitstops...and marbles on the road that look a bit like kangaroo

enjoy! :geek:
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SU2 DLC released Empty
PostSubject: Re: SU2 DLC released   SU2 DLC released Icon_minitimeTue 5 Jul 2011 - 10:04

Yeah... I thought that, Shift one wasn't that bad after adding a huge pile of mods but it still was merley a time trail game due the mindless Ai and the lack of a online community. Got Shift2 from a friend for a couple of days but decided not to buy it. The olds mobile content however looks ace.
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SU2 DLC released
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