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 First P2 rfactor victory to report.

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First P2 rfactor victory to report. Empty
PostSubject: First P2 rfactor victory to report.   First P2 rfactor victory to report. Icon_minitimeMon 9 Dec 2013 - 8:08

It is not often I get to celebrate a victory and brag a little.
It was the last race of a 11 race series held at Fuji 93. There is a shot of the 1st lap into corner one and the lead car the red and white Porsche Spyder was driven by me. That was as close anyone got to me be during the 90 minute, 64 lap race. Feels good to win one now and then.
Of the 6 P2 prototypes 4 finished on the lead lap. This lot take no prisoners so you can't put a foot wrong.
So I get a nice write up.

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This is my race report.
Part 1
My first P2 pole and win, I liked it a lot. The car was on rails and as slippery as Vaseline. After 10 laps I turned the boost down and tried to prolong the life of the tires with some short shifts in the lower gears. Thanks all for letting me by and I guess when we see #1 behind us we move over nicely. Again nice to have been in the lead.
Sorry Anthony for all those flashes in the last corner but I was not sure if you knew which side I was passing on. I was really, really nervous about hitting some one. After the last 3 races none of which I finished, I had a long talk with myself regarding ego and desire. Seemed to have worked
Strange start when the lights flashed then off. Well we made it. I know I speed away and required instructions on the pace. The truth is I could not remember the rules for the pole sitter, never expected to sit there. It was very odd not seeing anyone in front of me at the start.
It is the best finish of the season ever. Probably it is going to require another talk about ego and desire next season. Thanks to all you guys who have worked to put this season together and run it. Thanks to CMS and all my racing companions, I will require a few more beers to settle me down so I can sleep.

Part 2
Apart from the problem of the start lights and my lack of knowledge regarding the pace. the race went un-expectedly as planned.
The setup, a modification of a basic set I start with was so tight and stable even I was fast. I hit the sweet spot on this one. After my first sprint during Qly, I did something like 1:19:8xx and I returned to the pit to observe. When Curtis did his 1:20:010 I decided to not chance missing the pole so I set out on a low fuel hot lap setting my PB 1:19:571.
The Qly laps seemed effortless so I knew I had a something in hand for the race. From the disorganized start we finally rolled into turn 1. I eased away under full boost and build up a gap that I was able to holding for much of the race. I turned the boost down to 3 for a few laps then 2 and proceeded to lap.
When I came upon Lenny on lap 14 I was too cautious and followed him around the track for 30 seconds. Whether the tires were a bit hot or the fact that Darien was in sight of me and was coming fast and closing at an alarming rate I started to get a bit nervous. Then I saw Rick spinning at T4 and slipped by avoiding him but Darien was not so lucky and resulted in the enlarged gap. At this point I reawakened and turned the boost back up and pushed like hell to get some time back.
I rolled into the pit on fumes and when I exited the pits I had in some cases 4 to 6 lap newer tires than my competition and a bit more fuel on board so I could run full boost to the end and throughout I was constantly amazed how the car kept giving exactly what I wanted when I needed it.
Not sure what to run next season but it seems a bit crazy to leap out a P2 just when I am finding its comfort zone. Decisions decisions?
Again thanks all for the great racing and I will see you all next year.

Hope all is well with you guys. By the way Tony's Porsche is approaching race ready. Blue and orange colours I am told.
 big smile
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First P2 rfactor victory to report.
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